Thibaut Lienart


I've been working at Amazon as a ML scientist since early 2020, first as part of AWS SageMaker Autopilot team (an Auto-ML service), and currently as part of ATS Europe (forecasting and logistics).

Before that, I worked as a freelance ML engineer on a number of projects including MLJ.jl, an ML for Julia open-source project. I also did a postdoc with Ben Rubinstein at the University of Melbourne working on adversarial learning, and one with Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye at the Imperial College London working on applications of ML in privacy.

My DPhil was in computational Bayesian ML; I was part of the Oxford CSML group, co-supervised by Arnaud Doucet and Yee-Whye Teh.


I enjoy coding in Julia and maintain(ed) / help(ed) maintain a few packages, notably:

I also maintain(ed) or help(ed) maintain a bunch of related packages: LiveServer.jl, PkgPage.jl, MLJLinearModels.jl, DataScienceTutorials.jl, etc. as well as a few others accompanying past research projects: PDSampler.jl (paper), EPBP.jl (paper), and PosteriorServer.jl (paper).