Thibaut Lienart

Theoretical ML reading group

The aim of the reading group is to discuss key results from interesting recent theory papers from venues such as JMLR, NIPS, ICML or similar without spending too much time on proofs unless warranted by the discussion. Applied papers and deep learning papers would generally be avoided.


The format is a ~30-40 min presentation leaving ample room for discussion; white-board presentations are preferred. The purpose of these reading groups is heavily focused on the discussion part, in particular the strengths and weaknesses of the paper, links with existing literature and possible applications or further work.

In order for this reading group to be a success, all participants are expected to present at some point (especially PhDs and postdocs). A bit of friendly chasing will hopefully ensure this happens 🚂.




Note: change of time from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning!


Suggested papers to review

To add papers to this list, please send me an email or let me know, it is just a draft at this point. The papers are (a bit arbitrarily) sorted in two blocks with the first one judged to have priority as potentially more likely to be of interest to everyone. At some point in the future, I'll organise the list with indicators of the topics.

priority block

secondary block